Best cities to raise mixed race children in the U.S?

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This question was asked by one of our members via Twitter: "What do you think are the best cities to raise mixed race children in the U.S?"



Raising mixed kids

I was born and raised in Cali and never saw or heard the things I have heard in the South (until I came here).  I had friends from all over the world and never even realized it, it was just normal and people were truly just people.  I really do miss that although we have not really suffered here.

Southern California

Southern California has a vast diversity and depending on the area you pick in you can find a great variety of all cultures throughout the city or neighborhood.  My pick is So. Cal but I also have only lived in So. Cal so really I don't have much to compare to.

Houston, TX is my #1 pick to

Houston, TX is my #1 pick to race Mixed-race children in and my #2 would be in Southern California.  I've lived in both places and there are Mixed couples & families everywhere.

Long Beach, California. 

Long Beach, California.