Can mixed kids get lice?

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Can mixed kids get lice?  My daughter's dad use to tell me that black people cannot get lice and therefore my daughter can't get lice because she's half black/half white.  At her summer camp yesterday one of the ladies (white) told me lice is going around and I simply said "I am not worried she can't get lice because she's mixed".  She went on and on about that not being true she has seen black and white kids get lice and that I needed to check her hair.  So am I wrong?  Can mixed kids get lice?  




The first myth is that black people can not get lice. They can. However, it's just kind of rare that it happens. So it's understandable why your husband has made the assumption they can not. He is probably never had it nor known anyone to have it. Your daughter is also half white. Half of her genetics come from you. Society might reject a such thing as combination genetics and place them into a singular category based on a racist mentality but it's all all lie. Black + White does not equal black. Black + White equals Half genetically black and half genetically white. Afro textured hair comes in many different forms and so does white hair. 1 form from each group creates an entirely new type of hair which is them combination hair. Combination hair comes in many different forms just as black and white hair does b/c different forms b/c their is many types of combinations that came come out it. Like take for example say you have wavy hair and your husband has tightly coiled hair. If you have wavy hair that means you have 1 curly gene and 1 straight hair gene. If you have one child that gets your straight hair gene mixed with your husbands tight curl then you have another that gets your curly mixed with one of your husbands tight curl then your going to end up with different curl patterns. Then their is many parts of the hair to take into consideration, texture, color, etc... One couple can produce children with many different hair types. So anyway what I'm saying is b/c your child is half white then she would be alot more acceptable than black children. It would be reasonable to assume that she would be less likely than white children. However I will say that is not my own personal experience. I have both mixed and white and they have both brought it home and gave it to each other. Any time you hear of lice being around your child check her hair just as you would white children. They most certainly do get it. My own children have gotten lice from mixed kids twice.  

Better safe than sorry

I googled this question, while nothing came up about mixed kids getting or not getting lice it did say it is very rare for a black person to get lice.  Each websites had different reasons on why it is rare.  Anywhere from the texture and thickness to the oils in someone's hair to how the hair follicle curls.  There seem to be a lot of different answers as to why black people cannot get lice.  However, on all the sites it said while it's rare it is possible.  So I would keep checking your daughters hair just to make sure.  Better safe than sorry :)

Sorry yes

I heard and believed that myth too. Until I spent hours and hours picking nits from my daughter's long curls


Yes, they can get it.  I had a friend whose daughter had beautiful, long hair and she got it so bad, she had to take medication to get rid of it because no matter how many times they used Rid, etc, she couldn't get them all.