Don't knock it before you try it!

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Have you ever noticed how the people who oppose interracial relationship or interracial marriages have never actually been in one themselves? We have all heard the familiar “you must hate yourself and your race” comments because we have chosen to date interracially. The majority of people who make these comments have no clue what they are talking about. Have those who criticize interracial relationships ever tested the waters, to understand fully, what it takes to be in an interracial relationship? Have they ever experienced the need to find a deeper connection than the initial attraction to physical appearance? Being in an interracial relationship is not a piece of cake, they must believe that it is easy to have family, friends and strangers alike oppose our relationships. They have never experienced being in an interracial relationship themselves; therefore, they do not realize there is a deeper connection than what is on the surface. Maybe it is difficult for them to believe that our outer skin doesn’t give sight to what lies within each of us. So to all those who want to speculate why we choose to date interracially I say this “don’t knock it before you try it”.



You said it

I agree whole-heartedly. There are a lot of closed minded people out in the world and the majority of them are followers. If you are so worried about what other people think of you and your mixed relationship then about your own happiness then you need to do some soul searching. Don't let outside influences dictate the decisions you make in your life. Don't be scared to be different, especially if it is what makes you happy.

Exactly! I am tired of

Exactly! I am tired of people telling me how it is to be in a interracial relationship when they themselves have never dated another race. Please people stop telling us how we won't work or how hard it is for us because we are from "two different worlds". We all are from earth and skin color doesn't have anything to do with what we may or may not have in common. Expand your horizon and maybe you will learn a thing or two.