Exposure is Everything

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 The number of people who are Biracial or Multiracial is increasing, it is more and more likely that people will know someone who is of Mixed-race. I truly believe exposure is everything. The more times people are exposed to someone of another race or a person of mixed-race the more likely they will accept it. Children nowadays, depending on the areas they live in, are exposed to all races which teaches them acceptance for people who do not look just like them.  Growing up in a highly diverse area, I was exposed to people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis. It was normal for me to have friends from various cultural and ethnic groups. From an exceptionally young age, I learned, how someone looks on the outside does not determine the person they are on the inside. I have taken this way of thinking with me into adulthood and have wanted the same diverse upbringing for my child. Finding a highly diverse area before I had a child was extremely important to me. I wanted my child(ren) to have the same exposure to different ethnic groups and different races daily, as I did growing up. Having other children and families who are also Mixed-race was also necessary because I also wanted my child to know there are other families like ours and kids like them.  I am proud to live in an area which has several mixed-race families. Everywhere we go we see mixed families and mixed children, whether we're at the grocery store, the park, or a restaurant, there are mixed families all around us. We have built a group of friends in our area who we interact with; this, allows us to have a network of friends for support and understanding if ever something negative arises. It also allows our children to have friends who look like them and who have parents who are also black and white.  Exposing children to diversity will allow them to grow up with an open mind about different racial, ethnic and cultural groups as they become adults. Maybe just maybe this exposure will eradicate racism in the future and allow future generations to dislike someone based upon their character rather than their skin color.



Very true!  I'm happy to be

Very true!  I'm happy to be able to raise my son in an environment where he is surrounded by different races constantly. 

Soooo Important!

Exposure is soooo important!  I wish we had more mixed kids & families by us.  I'd love for my daughter to have friends who are more like her.  Although, she's the only mixed child within her group of friends she seems just find.  Sometimes it's us adults who read to much into things.