Ghost costume to much like hate group attire?

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My 4 year old son has been saying he wants to be a ghost for Halloween but my husband is against it.  My husbands black and I'm white and he says a ghost costume resembles attire that racist groups wear.  I agree that they have their similarities however it's a ghost on Halloween.  I've tried suggesting super hero characters for him but he's stuck on a ghost so he can scare people.  Any suggestions or advice on what to do would be helpful!  Thanks.



its deeper than feelings

The issue is not how he feels. He can feel however we likes. The issue is the father expecting his children to have the same negative feelings about a white sheet. We are blessed with more racially diverse times. Yesterdays taboos should not be imposed on today's generation. And children should not have unnecessary fears put on them. So if the dad does not want the child to be a ghost for whatever reason, he should go about it in a way that does not spoon-feed prejudice into his.her child. Again, kids WILL repeat what they hear & nothing good will come out of "daddy says those are KKK uniforms" or "your racist for dressing like that"

Underlying meaning

Obviously it has some underlying meaning to your husband and I would have to say to respect his wishes.  The last thing you want is to have a simple Halloween costume cause problems in your marriage.  Like someone else suggested maybe make him a different color ghost & still call him a ghost.  If you talk it up I'm sure your 4 year old will love it just as much.

Can see his point

I can see where he's coming from especially depending where they live.  If he feels that way try to make a different looking ghost or another costume and just call him a ghost.  Ghost are not racist but depending on the history in your area it might be a good idea to stay away from those costumes.

if it makes the father feel

if it makes the father feel uncomfortable then his wishes should be respected. people kill me always trying to tell people of color why things "shouldn't" bother them. there are a million other costumes they can come up with for the kid

So ghosts are racist?

Really? does he get offended of tissues ghosts hanging from trees, too? A typical ghost costume looks NOTHING like a KKK uniform & its ridiculous to put both in the same boat.. Also, ghosts are enjoyed by kids of all races! The father needs much to learn about tolerance and how "IGNORANCE" is the seed of fear and then hate. Let the boy be a ghost, dad can help pick out a costume or make it at home but don't tell the boy it looks like a KKK uniform, he is opening up a whole different can of worms AND kids repeat what parents say.. I can just imagine how comment like that will go down like a fart, at school.