How many mixed families do you know?

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Where we live there are quite a few mixed families as well as mixed couples.  I absolutely love it!  However, I know not all areas are overflowing with interracial couples or mixed-race families.  So I'm curious to know how many mixed couples or mixed-race families do you personally know in your area?



Lucky to be in a mixed 'hood!

We have lots of mixed families in our neighborhood! My daughter says that almost everyone in her class is mixed in some way. It's great!!! But if you travel just 15 miles out of town it's a completely different story. We totally stick out when we're not near home. It can be a little uneasy when we travel. There's no place like home!

Mixed families

When I had my first son, you could count on one hand the mixed couples/children in my town (and surrounding area).  I am sure there were some that were behind the scenes but not many who were open with it.  Once you have children, it is a little harder to conceal : >.  I was raised in California so I did not understand it was taboo in the South and my first boyfriend (who was black) was also from Cali; so we naively dated openly in High School.  Oh, the reactions we got.  Now, it is much more commonplace and out in the open.  There is still a lot of prejudices against it, both open and more quiet, but I have hope that it is improving.