I wish you had my eyes

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 I Wish You Had My EyesBefore you were born I had a wish that you’d have my eyes.I wished you would have something that was a solid part of me, where in an instant every stranger could see that you belonged to me.I felt I needed to prove to the world that you were mine.This came from years and years of being told my children would never look like me.These words hurt my heart and embedded into my mind that my child should be an exact image of me.When you were born I saw your eyes, beautiful brown eyes that sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight.While I wished you had my eyes, now I am glad you have your own.They are full of such wonder and life; they have shown me more love and joy than I have ever known.Your eyes! I love your eyes and while they aren’t my eyes they are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.You do look like me; your little round face embodies my cheeks, my chin, and my lips.Your little tan hands have every dimple like mine.You are my daughter and while you may not be an exact image of me you do look like me.A complete stranger may not see our similarities but every time I look with you in the mirror I see myself in you.So while you may not have my eyes, you have my heart and my love.  Now and always!




What a beautiful piece of writing. I remember feeling that way, too. Each of my three does have something that looks like me (my son is unfortunate enough to have inherited my pre-orthodontics smile--big gap and very crooked teeth!) but what I find so fascinating is the way they carry around pieces of me--inside--- When I hear them thinking aloud or talking and they are repeating things that I've said. When they say things to their friends that let me know they've been listening to me their whole lives. It is amazing that we can create these little people and that they somehow gain pieces of us both on the surface and deep inside. Motherhood is such a miracle!

Beautiful!  It doesn't matter

Beautiful!  It doesn't matter if everyone else knows she is yours, you know she's yours.  People will always look skin deep at our children and wonder why that darker or lighter child is with us.  They can't take our happiness or the beauty of our love.