Mixed-Race but look white

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Are you Mixed but look white?  How do people react when they find out your of Mixed-race?  What is your response?



I'm half Jamaican and half

I'm half Jamaican and half English but I look white. I have white skin and ginger hair. Its hard for me to deal with to be honest because I feel closer to black culture but I feel odd because I look so different to black people but then I feel odd with white people because I dont feel like i fit in. I always get people asking me what colour I am and it is so frustrating! Being mixed race is hard enough with identifying your culture but then looking the way I do just makes it alot worse.

Are there many mixed-race

Are there many mixed-race people where you live?  I think the more people have been exposed to mixed people the more they realize they can come in all different shades.  I had a friend who's little girl was mixed & she prepared herself by learning how to care for a "black" babies hair etc.  When her daughter came her hair was straight as can be and she doesn't look like most people think mixed kids should look like at all.  The "what color our you" is quite offensive really & I think sometimes people are so ignorant they just don't get it.  I wish there was a group where you are of mixed-race adults that you could join & be apart of.  When you have support it makes it easier to deal with as I've dealt with things with our mixed family & needed support off/on.   

I am mixed raced, my mum is

I am mixed raced, my mum is black (Jamaican heritage) and my dad is white (Irish). I look white with blue/green eyes and dark brown hair, my hair is that of mixed raced hair, not curly just more afro. Most people think my mum is mixed raced and my dad is black, i have also been mistaken to be, Spanish, Turkish, Tunisian, Half Asian, and of course white- I have also been identified to be mixed black/white- which i am, mostly identifiable by my hair texture. Growing up i was called albino, i was mainly teased by black people (i hold no resentment) mainly because of my blue eyes and was told many times "I must get away with a lot of things" not sure what people meant by that I was confused growing up, I was out-casted by black people (mainly female), black men and those of other races find me attractive and accepted by all other races (I hold no resentment). I don't see myself as black or white but that of dual heritage! I love black people, black culture, I was raised by my black mother alone as my dad was not around much so white culture is foreign to me. Growing up my friends were mixed raced (black or mixed raced parents), guys i have dated have been black, ( I find many other races attractive). I always seem to not be accepted by my partners black mothers, not entirely sure why and it does hurt. Not being accepted for who i am! I am Psychology and Law student and I work with adult male offenders within the community, I help rehabilitate young men and integrate them into society. I will be happy to show pictures of myself to those who are interested as to what I look like. I am a very strong minded woman and I think I have gotten that from both my white and black side as all women are strong, also from the prejudice i have come up against.I don't think people are jealous, their behavior baffles me as my color probably baffles them.  Why am I not treated as an equal in black communities as it is the only culture i know?I would appreciate some view from other people, and I would be happy to answer questions! 

You are not being treated as

You are not being treated as a equal, not because you are less of a person but because they are less of a person.  Their ignorance & close mindedness is their problem and they are trying to make it yours.  They obviously do not understand the "mixing of races" and the beauty it produces, so  instead of getting to know you and learning about it they treat you as an outsider.  Many people talk about not being "black enough" for some people in the black community and this is obviously what you are experiencing.  Acceptance is two fold, it shouldn't matter what you look like or by whom you were raised but who you are in the inside.  Our society is very judgmental regarding anything out of the norm.  As, I am sure you know by working with past offenders.  All I can say is don't let their ignorance bring you down!  Surround yourself by a well diverse and accepting group of people and cherish the beautiful person you are.   

I was just thinking about this!

Well, I was thinking about it mainly because I was wondering about how my kids would look if their dad was white (or black,hispanic, etc.) sort of as a pastime lol. But since I'm already mixed I didn't think it would be much of an issue because I would know what to do. I can't say anything about how to react if you look white but are actually half black, because I never experienced that. All I can say is that in my experience, the only time race really matters is when you're dealing with racist people or when your filling out forms for the government. When it comes to the racists, walk away they are crazy. When it comes to the paperwork, do as my mom told me "If they let you mark more than one, mark everything. If they only let you mark one, you're black." lol you can be white as can be in person but as long as you're black on paper you (no offense) get a lot of free stuff. Take advantage! XD

Too funny

The only thing you will get free from putting down that you are black is alot of headaches, disappointments, and more than likely, depends on where and what you are applying for, you want be getting that call for an interview! Me personally, having got anything free besides "we'll be in touch". Thanks for the laugh though that was sweet!

Well I see what you mean, but

Well I see what you mean, but I said that because I got 3 scholarships, multiple awards, and admission to my top choice university because I was black. Organizations that promote uplifting African American youth love to see us overcoming  adversity and raising the bar for future generations. I have experienced my own setbacks because of how I look and marking a box won't change that. What will change is that I will receive benefits for the headaches and disappointments I endure. It's a matter of exceeding expectations, breaking stereotypes if you will, and when you are capable and intelligent, being a minority is simply a bonus feature for employers who want to have a diverse company and still get the job done. Unfortunately, if I marked "white" or "other" I would simply be meeting expectations for the white community and therefore would not stand out by any means . But by claiming my black side, I not only reap the rewards but also help to better the image of people who look like me and suffer the ignorance of people who waste their time directly associating one's ability to one's race. In short, I was implying in my earlier post that manipulate the hell out of them, because they won't be of any help to us otherwise.

I had a friend who look like

I had a friend who look like she was white, really looked like she was greek.  No one ever believed she was mixed with black and white.  This use to make her so mad and she routinely carried a picture of her and her parents with her.  I can't imagine her feeling but also I can't believe people would just keep pushing the issue.  Well, I guess I can but seriously people can be so rude.