Most annoying comments about being Biracial or Mixed-race?

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What have been the most annoying comments you have received regarding you being Biracial, Multicultural or Mixed-Race?  How did you respond?



the most annoying thing about

the most annoying thing about being bi racial is not just  the whole acceptance thing but for me its when people call me "mutt" or "mixed breed" or "half breed"

Jealous or Dumbass?

It makes me mad when people who aren't mixed themselves or have mixed kids feel they can call my daughter whatever they want.  I prefer the term mixed, however, I wouldn't be offended if someone said biracial or multiracial or something other than terms that sound as if they are referring to a dog.  My thought, they are just jealous of the beauty which comes from being a mix of two races.  That or they are either just dumbasses! 

Love from the inside out!

People always think that you do not like your own race just because you are with someone that is not the same skin color. While this may be the case for some people, I believe most people that are in interracial relationships are not caught up in superficial appearances. You should love people from the inside out, not based on what they look like.

Get's on my nerves!

What gets to me the most is people asking or assuming my daughter is adopted especially when it's me, my boyfriend and her since me and him are both white and she is mixed.  She isn't adopted but even if she was what is it their business to ask or make comments.  Get's on my nerves!

Misery loves company

I feel you sometimes people just don't know when to not talk!  Don't let them get to you because they just want you to join their misery.