A Mother's Love

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A Mother's Love

This afternoon there was no place for me to run and hide to get away from the talk of the Casey Anthony trial and verdict.  I could easily dwell on this horrific event and even more dramatic trial.  However, I rather focus on something more uplifting, I chose to turn from the appalling verdict, unto a lighter brighter subject…A Mother’s Love!  All my life my mother told me “you’ll never know how much I love you until you have a child”.  She was right!  The unconditional love I have for my daughter is deeper than I could have ever known.  It still amazes me how her smile lights up the room and can make all the stresses of my day melt away.  I miss her from the minute I put her to bed at night till the moment I hear her tell me the sun is up in the morning.  Weirdly, sometimes I still wish she woke up at night just so I could sneak in just one more kiss because I just can’t get enough of her love.  There is just one word, which describes a Mother’s Love…Breathtaking! 



No one ever told me this but

No one ever told me this but it is very true.  I could of never imagined it would be like this.  After yesterday's news I needed this because I was sick with grief for that little girl.  Sad.  This is a beautiful and uplifting blog.